Varistat Benchtop Ionizer

Mountable hands-free blower for static elimination at assembly stations and benchtop applications
The EXAIR Varistat Benchtop Ionizer is a blower style static eliminator designed to neutralize static charges on surfaces in demanding industrial settings where static can become troublesome. With the help of ionizing technology, the Varistat supplies a constant stream of ion-balancing airflow to keep products static-free and particulate-free with hands-free operation and without the need of compressed air. Manually adjustable, the Varistat provides full coverage static elimination for workbenches, part assembly, web cleaning and more.

Why the Varistat?

The Varistat benchtop Ionizer can be easily mounted on equipment or placed on workbenches to assist with consistent static neutralization. Capable of reducing 1000 volts to 100 volts in 0.8 seconds, the Varistat Benchtop Ionizer removes surface static at a distance with incredible efficiency. The Varistat is engineered to fit various industrial applications and unique processes by offering customizable options such as an adjustable stand for mounting, selectable voltage, variable fan speed and adjustable polarity.


  • Web Cleaning
  • Electronics assembly
  • Molding machinery
  • Slitting, sheeting and winding
  • Cleaning parts
  • Shrink wrappers
  • Package cleaning
  • Printing equipment
  • Benchtop assembly


  • Mountable, hands-free operation
  • Rapid static decay
  • Low voltage operation
  • OSHA safe air outlet and noise level
  • LED indicators for proper and improper functionality

This static eliminator features ion producing emitter points and two 30 PPI replaceable foam filters to ensure optimal performance over extended periods of use. Also offering a built-in LED display that indicates proper function, the Varistat is designed with important safety features such as its current limiting circuit to protect against electrical hazards, and operating quietly and well below OSHA standards for noise exposure. The Varistat static eliminator is a reliable and effective solution for reducing static charges on sensitive products and protecting against static, dust, debris and other pesky particulate.

How the Benchtop Ionizer works

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Varistat Benchtop Ionizer Specifications

Certifications: The Varistat Ionizer is UL Listed, and RoHS and CE compliant.

Input Voltage: 120-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz - Selectable

Input Current: .6A/.4A

Emitter Voltage: 5-7 kV

Balance: ±100V, manually adjustable to <10V

Dimensions: 13 1/2 in. x 10 1/2 in. x 10 in.

Weight: 9.1 lbs

Air Output: 10" x 1.5" - covers up to 16" x 10' area

Filter: Two replaceable foam filters, 30 ppi

Static Discharge: 0.8 seconds to discharge 1000-100 V - measured 12" from charged area with fans at high speed

Sound Level: 67 dBA measured 3' in front of unit with fans at high speed

Indicator LEDs: Middle green LED indicates unit is on

Blue LEDs indicate balance adjustment: positive and negative

Red LED (above green LED):

  • 2 flashes - Electrical Failure
  • 3 flashes - Control Board Malfunction
  • 4 flashes - Fan Malfunction
ISO 14644-1 Class 5, operational. 6mm tubeNPT inlet provided.
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gen4 ion air Gun kit
gen4 ion air Gun kit
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