Hazardous Location Cabinet Cooler® Systems

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Hazardous Location Cabinet Cooler

ak cert
For use with classified enclosure purge and pressurization systems
• Class I Div 1, Groups A, B, C and D
• Class II Div 1, Groups E, F and G
• Class III
HazLoc Cabinet Coolers maintain NEMA 4/4X integrity

What is an EXAIR HazLoc Cabinet Cooler System?

These Cabinet Cooler Systems are engineered and approved for use upon purged electrical enclosures (not included) found within classified areas. The areas approved are Class I Div 1, Groups A, B, C and D – Class II Div 1 Groups E, F and G - and Class III. EXAIR’s HazLoc Cabinet Cooler Systems have been tested by UL and meet the stringent UL requirements for these areas. Cabinet Cooler systems are a low cost and reliable way to cool purged electric control panels found within these environments. They utilize vortex tube technology to produce up to 5,600 Btu/Hr, with no moving parts, which additionally creates a low maintenance solution for cooling your HazLoc purged cabinets.

Why EXAIR HazLoc Cabinet Cooler Systems?

EXAIR’s HazLoc Cabinet Cooler Systems have been set apart from the competition by achieving the UL classified designation for Div I environments. Thermostatically controlled systems are recommended for the highest efficiency and include UL listed solenoids, also for hazardous environments. EXAIR Cabinet Cooler systems will install on your purged enclosure in minutes, require little to no maintenance and operate under the toughest of industrial conditions. If you require low cost, ease of use and/or reliability – a HazLoc Cabinet Cooler system will meet your needs.
EXAIR Hazardous Location Cabinet Cooler Systems are available in 8 different cooling capacities from 1,000 Btu/Hr. to 5,600 Btu/Hr. This range of cooling allows for choosing the best fit for your cooling needs without placing additional demand upon your air compressor.
Cabinet Cooler Systems protect your electronics from heat, dirt and moisture and keep your processes running. They are the low-cost solution to messy, high maintenance coolant-based air conditioners with simple installation. With modern technology comes an increased number of small electronic components packed into smaller electronic cabinets. This creates a high internal heat load which increases the failures due to heat. Components will fail, sensors will misread, controls can drift and displays become inaccurate. EXAIR HazLoc Cabinet Coolers can solve these problems and prevent lost productivity, shutdown and the expense of new components.


• Rated for Div I Hazardous Locations
• UL Classified
• Available in 8 different cooling capacities
• No moving parts, low maintenance
• Thermostat control reduces operating cost
• Large range of cooling capacities up to 5,600 Btu/Hr
• 5 Year warranty
• Low cost

Thermostat Control

Each different HazLoc Cabinet Cooler System is ava-ilable with a thermostat control or as a continuous operation system. Each of these systems will include a water-dirt filter separator to prevent water conden-sate and dirt from entering your enclosure and cold air distribution kit used to direct the air for circulation or on to hot spots. HazLoc Cabinet Cooler Systems are also available in Type 316SS for highly corrosive environments.


EXAIR’s HazLoc Cabinet Cooler Systems are not purged and pressurized control systems and should not be relied upon nor used in place of a purged and pressurized controller. They are meant for use in conjunction with a purged and pressurized control system.
Any control systems and accessories not rated for the hazardous location need to be moved outside of the hazardous area or inside a properly purged and pressurized enclosure which is suitable for the hazardous area.
Cabinet Cooler Only
Model #
Continuous Operation
Model #
Model #

Model #

Control Model #
Capacity  Sound


HZ4615 HZ4715 HZ4815 HZ4815-240 HZ4815-24VDC 1,000 252 73
HZ4625 HZ4725 HZ4825 HZ4825-240  HZ4825-24VDC 1,700 428 80
HZ4630 HZ4730 HZ4830 HZ4830-240 HZ4830-24VDC 2,000 504 80
HZ4640 HZ4740 HZ4840 HZ4840-240 HZ4840-24VDC 2,800 706 82
N/A HZ4750 HZ4850 HZ4850-240  HZ4850-24VDC 3,400 857 84
N/A HZ4760 HZ4860 HZ4860-240 HZ4860-24VDC 4,000 1,007 84
N/A HZ4770 HZ4870 HZ4870-240  HZ4870-24VDC 4,800 1,209 84
N/A HZ4780 HZ4880 HZ4880-240 HZ4880-24VDC 5,600 1,411 85
*Cooling capacity at 100 PSIG (6.9 BAR) supply pressure.
Accessories and
Model # Description
902019 Hazloc Solenoid NEMA Type 7/9, 1/4 NPT,
902020 Hazloc Solenoid NEMA
Type 7/9, 1/4 NPT,
902021 Hazloc Solenoid NEMA
Type 7/9, 1/4 NPT,
9017 Thermostat only 24V-
240V, 50/60 Hz
9004 Automatic Drain Filter
Separator, 1/4 NPT, 43
SCFM (1,359 SLPM)
9027 Oil Removal Filter for
all HazLoc Systems,
7-24 SCFM (198-680
SLPM), 1/4 NPT
9005 Oil Removal Filter for
all HazLoc Systems,
15-37 SCFM (425-1,048
SLPM), 3/8 NPT
9006 Oil Removal Filter for
all HazLoc Systems, 50-
150 SCFM (1,416-4,248
SLPM), 3/4 NPT
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