vaculex-vl-frilagd Vaculex VLVACULEX VL – A safe, strong tube lifter that lifts almost anything

• Two hand operated Tube Vacuum Lifter.

• Handle loads between 30 and 200 kg.

• Very flexible to fit your specific needs.

• Available with a wide range of accessories.

• Increases productivity.

• Modular system which can be reconfigured for new tasks over time.
• Reliable and with low service costs

• Available in A2 Stainless Steel.

• Available in several ATEX certified versions.

• Available with Vaculex ATOP for increased energy efficiency and maximum comfort.

Vaculex VL is our most heavy-duty vacuum lifter

Vaculex VL tube lifter is a strong, versatile and user-friendly model for use with two hands and for lifts between 30 and 200 kg.

lifting-a-sack Vaculex VL   lifting-a-sheet Vaculex VL   VL_bobbins1 Vaculex VL

Vaculex is available in six lift tube sizes, between 100 mm and 200 mm, with five different vacuum pumps and many accessories and suction feet for a virtually infinite number of combinations. Normally, Vaculex is driven by an electric vacuum pump for best performance and flexibility but we can also provide pneumatic vacuum pumps if required.

Lift almost everything
With a vacuum tube lifter you can lift boxes, sacks, drums, sheet metal, computers, crates, barrels, TVs and much more – depending on equipment and accessories.

The design consists of a pump, vacuum hose, lift tube, control unit and finally a suction foot or possibly a gripping tool which is adapted to your needs.

Good ergonomics is good economics
Repeated lifts do not have to be heavy to be both dangerous and costly. Most often, vacuum tube lifters lead to an increased work rate and better productivity.

Costs for extended periods of sick leave are reduced and rehabilitation periods are avoided. Our tube lifters minimize that type of problem and also reduce the risk of accidents that can injure the user as well as damage the goods.