02 Jun 2017

Whew, It's Hot Out There!


Imagine this scenario; you're leaving your nice, cool house to go to work, you step outside and immediately get blasted with a wave of heat. It almost feels like a physical force! Sometime on the drive to work, you'll probably think about how hot it's going to be on the factory floor and how to keep your workers safe. What probably doesn't occur to you, though, is how heat is also affecting your machinery. Lubricants will be less effective and conveyor belts may stretch and need to be retensioned.


What about your electronic controls?


Heat can also do terrible things to your sensitive electronics, too. Circuit breakers can trip early, readings can become wildly inaccurate, and circuit boards can outright fry. All of these overheating problems can lead to lost production, lost time and lost money as you stop to fix them.

What's the easy answer?


The easy answer is the same one you would probably try with an overheated worker; turn a fan on or, if that doesn't work, get them into air conditioning. The problem is that overheated electronics won't react the same way as your team members. Since they don't perspire, the only thing that will happen to your circuit boards when you open a control panel and turn a fan on is that you'll blow hot, dirty air onto them - the same hot air they were already experiencing with the extra disadvantage of dirt buildup on sensitive circuitry and the risk of catching an OSHA violation for exposed wiring. If you hook a regular air conditioner up to the circuit panel, you're facing degrading performance as the temperature rises, the maintenance headaches of proper condensation drainage and constant filter replacements, not to mention high cost, lengthy installation and moving parts (which will wear out).


What's the Right Answer?


EXAIR’s Cabinet Cooler® Systems are the right answer to combat heat related problems without moving parts. They will allow the enclosure door to remain closed while still cooling the panel to its optimal operating temperature. For good measure, Cabinet Coolers also allow the enclosure to maintain its NEMA rating and produce positive pressure to prevent any dust or dirt incursion. EXAIR's CE Compliant and UL Listed Cabinet Coolers can easily mount to any enclosure through a standard electrical knockout. The Cabinet Cooler System incorporates vortex tube technology along with a compressed air supply to produce a temperature drop as high as 50ºF (10ºC) from the temperature of the supplied air. EXAIR also provides Cabinet Coolers that are engineered for high temperatures, non-hazardous purging, and pharmaceutical/food service operations.


A) The corrosion resistant Dual 316 Stainless Steel Cabinet Cooler System is ideal for cooling electronic controls at this water treatment plant. B) This NEMA 4 Cabinet Cooler System maintains a cool panel temperature while keeping the inside dry. C) The Electronic Temperature Control (ETC) attached to this Cabinet Cooler System provides precise temperature control. D) This High Temperature Cabinet Cooler System is engineered to withstand the high ambient temperatures of this steel mill. E) Non-Hazardous Purge Cabinet Cooler Systems produce a slight positive pressure in the enclosure to prevent contaminants from entering. F) Cabinet Cooler Side Mount Kitsallow installation in even the tightest of spaces. for more details Visit our website>>

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