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EXAlR Cabinet Cooler Systems include a 5 micron automatic drain water and dirt filter. This filter is critical for protection of electronics from water in the compressed air line. If oil is present in the compressed air supply, the addition of a coalescing (oil removal) filter, such as EXAlR Model 9005, is recommended.

Cold Air Distribution Kit:
The kit includes a length of flexible vinyl tubing used to direct the cold air for circulation, or to hot spots. Tubing connectors and adhesive backed clips to hold the tubing in place are provided.

For a continuous operating Cabinet Cooler, relative humidity inside the enclosure stabilizes at 45%. No moisture condenses inside the enclosure. (The enclosure must be sealed to prevent condensation.)

Inlet Air Temperature:
Cabinet Cooler Systems provide a 50°F (28°C) temperature drop from supply air temperature when the inlet pressure is 80 PSIG (5.5 BAR). Elevated inlet temperature will produce a corresponding rise in cold air temperature and reduction in cooling capacity. Low air pressures will also reduce the cooling capacity.

The Cabinet Cooler mounts to the enclosure through a drilled hole or electrical knockout. The NEMA 12 (IP54) Cabinet Coolers may be mounted on the top or side of the panel. Side Mount Kits are available. (Model 4909 - Small; Model 4910 - Large.) NEMA 4 and 4X (IP66) Cabinet Coolers may be mounted on the top of the panel or on the side of the panel if a Side Mount Kit is used (Model 4906 - Small; Model 4907 - Large).

Solenoid Valve and Thermostat:

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Cabinet Cooler Systems with thermostat control include a solenoid valve and thermostat that limit the flow of compressed air to only when cooling is needed. The solenoid valve is rated 120V, 60Hz or 110V, 50Hz. It is UL Listed, CSA Certified.

The thermostat is factory set at 95°F (35°C). It will normally hold ±2°F (1°C) inside the cabinet. It is rated 24VAC-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 24VDC and is UL Recognized, CSA Certified.