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Back Blow Air Nozzles

backblow_299pxw Back Blow Air Nozzles

EXAIR's new Model 1004SS, 1006SS and 1008SS Back Blow Air Nozzles are engineered to clean inside of pipe, tube, hose or channel. An array of holes provide a forceful 360 degree airflow to clear out coolant, chips or debris created from machining processes. This nozzle prevents blowing chips further into a pipe or out the end of the pipe, which is a safety hazard. Since airflow is directed back toward the operator, personal protective equipment is recommended

1006ssviews Back Blow Air Nozzles

Model 1004SS is M4x0.5. Model 1006SS is 1/4 NPT female. Model 1008SS is 1 NPT female. All are made of Type 316 Stainless Steel. These nozzles are also available on Safety Air Guns.

Back Blow Nozzle Dimensions and Airflow Pattern
1004dim Back Blow Air NozzlesM4 Back Blow Air Nozzle
Model 1004SS
EXAIR’s M4 Back Blow Air Nozzle delivers the smallest, most effective airflow for cleaning out small diameter tubes, pipes, channels or holes. Its forceful airfl ow can be used on diameters as small as 1/4" (6.3mm) and up to 1" (25.4mm). Extensions for reaching farther into a pipe, tube, hose, channel or hole are available.

1004SS Back Blow Air Nozzles1004af Back Blow Air Nozzles

1006Dim Back Blow Air Nozzles1/4 NPT BackBlow Air Nozzle
Model 1006SS

The 1/4 NPT Back Blow Air Nozzle delivers high performance suitable for a wide range of diameters.
Recommended diameter range is 7/8"-4" (22-102mm).A large variety of extensions for reaching farther into a pipe, tube, hose, channel or hole are available.

1006SS Back Blow Air Nozzles1006af Back Blow Air Nozzles

1008Dim Back Blow Air Nozzles1 NPT BackBlow Air Nozzle
Model 1008SS
EXAIR’s largest Back Blow Air Nozzle produces the greatest force for stubborn, sticky, materials which may be inside of pipes, tubes, channels or holes. It is capable of reaching into diameters from 2"-16" (51-406mm) so it can handle small and large diameters. Extensions are available.
1008SS Back Blow Air Nozzles1008af Back Blow Air Nozzles

 alextpipe Back Blow Air NozzlesAdd an Extension Pipe

Extensions provide the necessary reach to clean out your pipe, tube, hose or channel. Available up to 72” long.

Chip Shields should be used to protect operators from debris. A Model 901650 Chip Shield is for M4 x 0.5 extensions and a Model 901222 is available for 1/4 NPT extensions.
chipsh Back Blow Air Nozzles

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